May 7, 2009

Parks Dept Set A Bad Example for Youth

Pictures of the "Fort" taken on May 7, 2009. at 10:45 a.m. It is located about 100 yards east of the Dale Road gates-about 50 yards in from the path, just above disc golf fairway/hole #4 on the map.

It's pretty dramatic- many trees were cut and debarked, especially many striped maple. The railroad ties that had been placed at the south end of the marathon trail were moved to this fort.

Note: Parks Dept. disregard for the woodlands, cutting and piling up trees in areas where disc golf was proposed, set a bad example for youth in the area. Similarly, Parks Dept. removed signs from public space before a Parks Commission meeting, and the signs were stolen during the meeting. This culture of disrespect is not good for our community.