Feb 5, 2009

Landfill site would rate high!

I know we are all striving for a win/win solution to the dg dilemma. I wish someone would just say "I screwed up," so we could all start over, and move this idea forward with good process and a good location that residents can support enthusiastically. Together we can do it!

Wayne Gross discouraged the working group from considering alternative sites, but that does not prevent us from making preliminary inquiries about the landfill site on our own. We can talk with Dave Berezniak, Ward 2 City Councilor; meet with staff at DPW to find out what their concerns might be; and request agenda time at the NPAs (they book several months in advance) so we are ready to move forward in a positive manner. I expect that many of the present dg course adversaries will be supporters and help pitch the new site, because they have studied this closely and they have learned where a course would be appropriately sited, and where it is not appropriate.

I spoke with a dg player who was very excited about the landfill site. He said it would be a challenging and interesting course, with variety and beauty.

If you check a website that rates courses, you get a pretty good idea of how the landfill location would rate (high), as compared to Leddy Park (low). At best you're going to get 8 flat fairways in Leddy, none near the shoreline or ravine. Here's an example of the top-rated course -- which site does it remind you of?


This course is set on a big hill overlooking ....

It has a major fun factor due to almost every hole being down hill. The designer did an excellent job of maximizing the elevation changes.

There is road around the park with parking spaces at different holes. You can park at any basket and play from there and finish there for a staggered start if it's busy.

There is a picnic area and playscape right in the middle of the course and the flow of the course comes back to the middle three times which is pretty cool. It would be a great place for a family reunion or DG party or tournament.

Keep thinking positive, and please look for common ground to resolve this dilemma peacefully, for the good of our community. And, please forward this email to neighbors.

Lea Terhune
Ward 4, NPA Steering Committee