Feb 13, 2009

a project where everyone comes together!

Phil Baruth's Vermont Daily Briefing has an interview with Andy Montroll:

VDB: Speaking real quickly about the New North End, I noticed that at that same mayoral debate — again, in a yes/no question — you opposed the development of Leddy Park into an 18-hole disc golf course. And you were pretty firm about that. Can you explain your reasoning there, and what you’d do with that issue?

Montroll: I think around 10 years ago or so I was down in Maryland visiting some of my family, and they took me to play disc golf. First time I was ever exposed to it. It’s a very fun game. A really great game. And I actually came back and told Wayne Gross, Director of Parks and Rec, that we should do disc golf up here in Burlington. It wasn’t one of the projects that I actively promoted or anything, and I was kind of disappointed that they never did anything about it.

So I think it’d be a great addition to our recreational offerings here in Burlington. I don’t think Leddy Park is the place to have it, though.

And the more I’ve been hearing about it, it seems that it’s really a very different use than what Leddy Park is currently being used for, right now. But there are places in the city where you could have it. Another one of our Councilors, Dave Berezniak has been looking at another site that looks like it could be really good. And it looks like there are some creative ideas —

VDB: Where would that site be?

Montroll: His site is where the city’s old landfill is. It’s been completely capped and, as I understand it, it’s completely safe there. And it’s a big, open area that could accommodate a project like this. There are other areas in the city where I think we could do something as well.

So, rather than focusing on just one location, that’s so controversial — I just don’t think we need to do that in Burlington. I think we can develop a project where everyone comes together and says, “This is great.”


From: "K. Wright"
Date: Feb 13, 2009 2:08pm
Subject: Re: Your Position on Leddy Park Disc Golf
To: Mark Barlow

> Mark,
> I actually am opposed to disc golf at Leddy Park--it was just the way they asked the question that was unclear to me. Andy was able to get a clarification on the question before answering and I wasn't. So yes, I do oppose it at Leddy and believe they could find a more suitable site for it.
> I have to say, I am just not a fan of yes or no questions unless they are on something really simple--for example I wasn't sure whether they had asked if I supported disc golf at all or whether it was site specific.
> If elected I can guarantee you the process will be better and I will not just accept this happening at Leddy.
> I am glad you e-mailed me Mark, so I could clarify my position. Feel free to share this, Thanks,
> Kurt

Note: I have observed, more than once, that Kurt stands with his neighborhoods, no politics about it. Lea