Mar 26, 2009

Disc golf in Leddy Park? NO

Last meeting of the Disk Golf at Leddy Park Working Group , Ch17, streaming video.

The Question: Disk Golf at Leddy Park? YES with recommendations, or NO.

The vote was 3-3. By Robert's Rules, that is a NO. Parks staff said they were not using Robert's Rules, they were building consensus and would fall back on majority rule. So they named the vote tally a split and decided the group should send two spokespersons to the Parks Commission meeting on Apr. 28.

The group decided to continue the meeting to make recommendations even though the YES with recommendations choice did not win the vote, Recommendations were solicited from the working group -- about disk golf in Burlington, or the process of the decision by Parks Department, the formation of the working group, etc -- and they said they would send recommendations they all agreed on to the Parks Commission.

Meeting of Parks Commission -- April 28.

Meeting to review working group process: May 12