Apr 3, 2009

disc golf should not be played in Leddy Park

Per the request of Russ Ellis, I am forwarding the message that I sent to the BTown Disc Golf Club about the playing of disc golf at Leddy at the present time. I hope this information is helpful.
Wayne E. Gross

>Wayne Gross 03/30/09 10:02 AM >
> Hello All: I have received several messages indicating that some folks
> have been playing disc golf at Leddy using the fairways that were cut
> last year. I assume that portable baskets were being used for these
> rounds. Given the fact that this project remains very much a
> controversial public matter and no decision has been made at this time
> whether or not it will be approved, I ask that you inform all the club
> members that disc golf should not be played in Leddy Park at this time.
> I will very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you.
> Wayne E. Gross
> Director
> Parks & Recreation
> 645 Pine St., Suite B
> Burlington, VT 05401
> (802) 864-0123 (phone)
> (802) 862-8027 (fax)
> wgross@ci.burlington.vt.us

Ed. Note: Rogue play in the park continues. Becauseof the rash actions by the Parks Dept., we have a de facto disc golf course in Leddy Park, with no warning signs to the public.