Apr 26, 2009


"Disc golf working group recommends course in Leddy," posted on B'Town web site. B'Town Disc Golf member and technical advisor to the Leddy Park Disc Golf Working Group, Brendan Bush, reported this, and it is NOT TRUE.

March 25, 2009

"Last night, our community won another big step towards bringing disc golf to Burlington. The majority of the city-sponsored Disc Golf Working group firmly supported disc golf in Leddy Park and all members of the working group expressed support for disc golf in Burlington. » continue reading "Disc golf working group recommends course in Leddy"

To Lisa Coven, Parks Dept. staff:

The disc golf working group DID NOT recommend course in Leddy, and the majority of the city-sponsored Disc Golf Working group DID NOT firmly support disc golf in Leddy Park. Do you think it is appropriate for the Technical Advisor to the "city-sponsored [Leddy Park] disc golf working group" to post disinformation on the B'Town website? He may be viewed as an authoritative source. Perhaps you could ask him to correct the statement, or remove the post?

Also, Wayne Gross's press release is incomplete and inaccurate, and this sets a very bad example for the above named technical advisor. Mr. Gross neglects to mention that the vote to support disc golf in leddy park failed; and he claims a B'Town proposal was accepted by the Parks Commission when their minutes show that the Commission approved the concept only, with many questions.

Finally, there are errors and omissions in the draft minutes of the Apr 24 09 [Working Group] meeting, which I am sure you will want to correct by consulting the tape of the meeting:

Public Working Group Discussion about the Proposed Leddy Park Disc Golf Course - 03/24/2009

Burlington Parks & Recreation Department Leddy Park Disc Golf Working Group Meeting.