Apr 28, 2009

We walk in the Woods. Protect Leddy Woods.

Statement of Peter Larsen:

Within the next few months the Burlington City Council will likely vote on a measure that is the de facto equivalent of blocking 99% of its residents from using 90% of one of its city parks. That measure is whether Leddy Park's wooded areas should be turned into an 18 hole Disk Golf Course. Yes, the City will retain technical ownership of the entire park. But …

Imagine yourself as being a non-golfer as you walk the fairways of an in-use regular golf course. Would you feel welcome? Of course not. Unkind words would surely fly, and I would expect fists would occasionally fly too. The same will be true of Disk Golf at Leddy park. If only 1% of Burlington's residents play disk golf, the other 99% will be unwelcome to use a huge percentage of Leddy Park , an area that is now quiet and tranquil woods with walking trails with wonderful wildlife viewing opportunities. Substantial tree cutting has already happened in anticipation of approval. Let the City Council know how you feel. Better yet, attend their meetings. The park is for everyone, not just the probably fewer than 1 percent of residents that play Disk Golf.