Apr 27, 2009

disc golf at leddy -- risky mix

From: kapandy@comcast.net
To: danh1@live.com [Dan is a member of the Leddy Park Disc Golf Working Group]
Subject: dis golf at leddy- a risky mix
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 23:45:00 -0400


I understand that you are interested in this issue and wanted to share a point of view. As an Orthopedist I welcome exercise of almost any kind, especially when it brings people out doors, but I think that cramming a flying disk course into the walking paths at Leddy is asking for a medical incident in the form of a startled older resident who falls or someone who is dragged down by a leashed dog that takes off after a sudden flying Frisbee.-- perhaps a broken hip or shoulder will be the first incident the city is forced to reimburse.

Basically, good activity, wrong choice of location.Dan, in my 20 years of dealing with injuries from countless causes, my instincts tell me that there is significant probable physical conflict in setting a disk golf course in Leddy Park. Thanks for your time, (please for ward to your colleagues on this committee)